Preliminary Ecological Appraisals

We recommend that a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (sometimes called an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey) is undertaken as early as possible in your project.  For clients considering purchasing land for development, it is sensible to undertake such a survey prior to purchase or signing an option on the land.  Such an approach can save a huge amount of money and stress later in the project.

If you already own the land that you are considering for development, an ecological constraints survey should be one of the first activities you undertake in the development of your plans.  An ecological constraints survey will provide:
•    A vegetation map of your site using the Phase 1 Habitat Survey (P1HS)
methodology.  P1HS is the widely adopted method for assessing and reporting
on the semi-natural habitat present. Target notes identifying and providing
further information on habitat features of particular value to different wildlife
groups are given;
•    An assessment of the site’s potential to support protected bird species;
•    An assessment of buildings and trees for their suitability as bat roosts, and an
overall view of the suitability of the landscape to support bat populations;
•    An assessment of watercourses and waterbodies for their potential to support
otter, water vole, and great crested newt;
•    Records of protected species field signs (e.g. badger, otter, pine marten and
red squirrel);
•    Records of invasive species (e.g. giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed);
•    Recommendations for further surveys that are likely to be required to satisfy
regulatory authorities