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Protected Species Surveys

Reuben Singleton has over 25 years professional experience in surveying for a range of protected species and advising on what is required to comply with current UK legislation.

Surveys for many of these species can only be carried out at certain times of year, for example, surveys to effectively determine the presence or absence of great crested newt in a pond can only be undertaken in spring and early summer.  Advice is available on survey timings.

Bird Surveys

In the UK, all wild birds, their nests and their eggs are protected by law. The level of protection varies between species, with those listed on Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 receiving full protection extending to the prohibition of intentional or reckless disturbance while nestbuilding, or when their nest has eggs or dependent young.

Virtually any site can require a bird survey. Unusually for ecological surveys there is no standardised approach for birds and it is best to agree a survey methodology tailored to the specific development, with regulators and clients prior to embarking on surveys. Reuben is able to draw upon over 20 years of experience of bird surveys and working with regulators to identify the most cost-effective approach.

Reuben is experienced in the following bird surveys:

  • Breeding bird surveys (including Brown & Shepherd surveys, forestry point counts, barn owl surveys, black grouse surveys, crepuscular bird surveys and raptor surveys);

  • Wintering bird surveys (Wetland bird surveys, goose surveys, estuary counts); and

  • Vantage point surveys for wind farms and subsequent Collision Risk Analysis.

Reuben has undertaken bird surveys for a wide variety of developments including windfarms, forestry (planting and felling proposals), commercial and residential developments, mineral extraction, roads and railways, and petrochemical works.

Reuben has also held Schedule 1 Science, Research and Education licences allowing him to disturb Schedule 1 birds for survey purposes.