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Protected Species Surveys

Reuben Singleton has over 25 years professional experience in surveying for a range of protected species and advising on what is required to comply with current UK legislation.

Surveys for many of these species can only be carried out at certain times of year, for example, surveys to effectively determine the presence or absence of great crested newt in a pond can only be undertaken in spring and early summer.  Advice is available on survey timings.

Bat Surveys

All species of bat and their roost sites are protected in the UK. It is an offence to deliberately or recklessly:

  • capture, injure or kill a bat;

  • disturb bats;

  • obstruct access to a bat roost; or

  • damage or destroy a bat roost (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time).

Bat surveys may be required if your site has buildings, mature trees, caves, icehouses, or areas of semi-natural habitat. Modern buildings can contain bat roosts, even new houses which have yet to receive their first human residents.

Bat surveys are undertaken using the following methods:

  • Internal and external inspection of buildings;

  • Roost emergence and re-entry surveys undertaken at dusk and dawn; and

  • Activity surveys to assess the use of a site for commuting or foraging.

Reuben has held an SNH bat roost science, research and education licence since 1994.  He also holds a Class 2 licence from Natural England allowing him to survey bats of all species for scientific (including research) and educational purposes.

Reuben has undertaken surveys to inform a wide variety of developments including steading conversions, large housing developments, building demolition, road and railway schemes, bridge maintenance and wind farms.